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PuniLabo Stand Pencil Case I

PuniLabo Stand Pencil Case I

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This is no ordinary pen case, it’s smart and kawaii!  The Smart Fit PuniLabo pen case from Lihit Lab design features your favourite animal and is very practical.  The pen case can expand to hold items such as pens, accessories, or even make up.  You can also pop the bottom back outwards and it will sit smoothly on your desk as a pen cup.  The zipper-lid can be flipped-open to become an eraser compartment.  The case is made of silicone that is soft to the touch but is also easily cleanable with water.

Store up to 10-15 pen.

  • Size: 7.2(DIA) x 20.9 (L) cm
  • Weight: about 105g
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