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Masking Tapes

Designed to inspire and assist both professionals and hobbyists alike, these playful masking tapes offers a range of applications and endless possibilities.

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Yamamoto Paper

Founded in 1972, YAMAMOTO PAPER is a paper wholesaler and original stationary brand located in Osaka, Sakai.

Paper has different thickness, color and texture, and there are thousands of types.  To convey such entertainment of paper and warmth of paper, YAMAMOTO PAPER has been producing original paper items since 2005. The brand continues to create values through various printing techniques and paper processing technologies that conveys to the future.

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Saves time and space in style! Say goodbye to a single-use plastic bag!

Shupatto is an innovative foldable bag designed in Japan. The bag folds down neatly and quickly in a second like magic - just one-pull and roll.

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Follow Your Dreams

This card is for the special someone that needs a word of encouragement -
No dreams are too small!

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Markers + Highlighters

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