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Mildliner Double-sided Highlighter (Set of 5) - Natural

Mildliner Double-sided Highlighter (Set of 5) - Natural

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Introducing the Zebra Mildliner Highlighter pen in natural color set.  This set features a mild range of 10 new colors that is very gentle to the eyes. 

These marker pens are ideal for highlighting information colorfully, lettering and illustrating.

Unique mild color shows up softly on paper.  The water-based ink prevents any writing discolorization even when used on thermal paper, and will not cover even on pressure-sensitive paper

The pen has two tips on both ends: a 4mm chisel tip (flat edge) and a 1.0~1.4mm fine tip on the other.


Gentle Color Set:
Mild Soda Blue · Mild Lilac · Mild Baby Pink · Mild Honey Orange · Mild Sorbet Yellow


Neutral Color Set: 
Mild Cool Grey · Mild Olive · Mild Beige · Mild Cream · Mild Dusty Pink



  • Ink material: Water-based pigment
  • Pen size: φ11.5 × 141.5mm
  • Tip size: 1.0~1.4mm (thin tip) / 4mm (thick tip)
  • Weight (per pen): 10.1g
  • Note: Package design may be subject to change without notice.
  • Made in Japan
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