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Mono Air Pen Type

Mono Air Pen Type

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Pen-type refillable "Mono Air" correction tape equipped with the "Air Touch System“ for effortlessly light correction tape application from start to finish.  The Air Touch System is built into the applicator for both portability and economy.

  • Equipped with Air Touch System
  • Pen-shaped body
  • Quiet design
  • One-touch head cover
  • High adhesion tape
  • Anti-shake stabilized transparent head
  • Tape-tightening mechanisam
  • Refillable
  • Size: 112(L) x 21(W) x 25(H) mm
  • Tape: 5(W) mm x 6 (L) m


Air Touch System

When applying the tape -

The head presses against the paper, the Air Touch System activates and the tape supply reel is unlocks.


When cutting the tape -

The head releases from the paper, the Air Touch System locks the tape supply reel which cuts the tape.


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