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Mildliner Double-sided Highlighter (35 Colors Set)

Mildliner Double-sided Highlighter (35 Colors Set)

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  • Zebra Mildliner available in all colors!
    Available in a variety of colors and 35 colors.
  • A popular product with light colors and eye friendly ink.
    The gentle colors make your notebook and notebook neat and cute.
  • The rich number of colors allows for a wide range of scenes to be used in illustrations.

    These highlighter-colored highlighters are popular among female students who like cute things and men who want to write their information in their notebook.
    The body color of the pen itself is "white" which is rare for highlighters. Like the lighter ink color, the pen itself is not overstated.
  • In addition, the subdued logo gives you a sense of elegance, and the body color design of the pen body makes it easy to find inside your pen case or bag.
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