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Eco Leather Mouse Pad

Eco Leather Mouse Pad

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A genuine leather mouse pad made from high-quality cowhide, carefully crafted by Japanese craftsmen.
We use BANTAN, which is environmentally friendly and conforms to the "Japan Eco Leather Standards".
By using it, you can get the original texture of leather.
The back side is made of materials used to prevent slipping, such as furniture, to prevent slippage.
Natural cowhide gives the desk a luxurious feel and provides comfortable desk work.
Great for gifts.

[Eco leather]
-It must be natural leather.
-Leather manufactured in a factory where wastewater and waste treatment are properly controlled.
・ Odor, chemical substances (formaldehyde, heavy metals, PCP, prohibited azo dyes, restrictions on the use of carcinogenic dyes)
And meet certain criteria for dyeing friction fastness.
Leather that meets the above requirements.

-It is a cowhide made from "Banshu Tatsuno *", the home of leather tanning with a long history, using carefully selected North American steer raw leather.
-After carefully tanning with vegetable tannins, the oil is carefully applied by hand so that you can enjoy the original texture of natural leather.
・ The more you use it, the deeper you can enjoy it.
-Since it is manufactured in a production area with the world's highest level of wastewater treatment, it is an eco-friendly material that is kind to both the earth and people.
* Banshu Tatsuno is a region suitable for leather production, blessed with abundant water from the clear stream Hayashita River and the warm climate of Setouchi. * Because natural leather is used, the color and flexibility may vary depending on the product.
* There may be wrinkles and scratches peculiar to natural leather.
* If it gets wet, it may cause stains.
* Cannot be washed.
* Avoid direct sunlight and store in a dry place, out of the reach of children.
* Color may fade or stain.
* Do not use for any other purpose.
* Depending on the mouse model, it may not work properly.
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